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How Student Can Control Their Feelings Around People There Like In Campus

Identify your feelings and their source: This can help you figure out whether or not your feelings are a passing fancy or something more serious. It will also help you talk yourself through your feelings when you feel them. Is this infatuation? Lust? When you feel a warm blush start to spread across your face or a similar feeling, acknowledge the emotion, and positively talk yourself through it.
Root out fixation. Fixation occurs when you have an unhealthy obsession about the person that you like and are unable to see them as an imperfect human being. When you are too fixated on a crush, it can put you in a situation in which you can be taken advantage.
Write a journal: Not only will writing a journal help you be physically healthier, it is also a safe place for you to vent your emotions. Writing a journal will also give you the opportunity to clarify your thoughts and come to a deeper understanding of yourself, which could lead to you feeling more grounded when you run into that special someone.
Allow yourself to feel your feelings: It can be easy for you to feel embarrassed around the person you like, and this is completely natural. When you feel embarrassed or self-conscious, you might be tempted to hide your feelings, or to ignore them, which can lead you to feeling even less in control around your potential romantic partner.
B) Taking Proactive Measures
Practice thought saturation: When you find your thoughts returning over and over again to that particular person, you may benefit from a period of sustained thought about that person. For a set period of time, even 10 minutes can be enough, think only about that person.
Distract yourself: Sometimes, all you need is the right distraction to get your mind off your potential lover. Past happy experiences can restore perspective by interrupting the strong feelings you have for that person.
Find and combat triggers: In some situations, people become so nervous around those they like that they become clumsy or inarticulate. If this happens to you, find the trigger and think about how you might combat it.
Condition opposite responses to negative thoughts: Too often, people talk themselves into a negative loop that makes feelings more overwhelming with every passing instant. If you suffer with this condition, find out any automatic negative thoughts you have and interrupt those with an opposing positive thought.
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